Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I absolutely love old wingback chairs.

I have been visiting furniture stores and dreaming of buying a wing back to add to the lounge room but the price has been a little lot more than I am prepared to pay.

 So I went looking on E-bay and found this:

Yes she is a beauty.....ugly fabric, dirty and no cushion :(

but how could I pass her one else placed a bid so she was mine for $30

I'm sure I can do something with her. She just needs some TLC and she has gorgeous front legs.

So should I tackle her myself or call in the experts...

some how I think that would mean $$$$$$

Any suggestions girls...

how hard can it be????

Please let me know before I make some big mistakes...
I found these pics to inspire me...

loving this

as much as I love a bus roll and typography, I'm not so sure about this one!

What do you think I should do???

I would  love to hear any of your ideas...




  1. the two toned chair is also my favorite
    and i am also holding out for
    a good winged back chair : )

  2. Oh, what a great score. She has beautiful lines. What about a slipcover? If it's the right dimensions you could even see if one of the standard IKEA ones will fit? I adore that second pic too, always have.

  3. That's a great to LOVE ebay i would love to help you, but i'm still struggling to find fabric for my antique chairs too.i'm sure what ever you decide it will turn out amazing. Those images have great fabric and prints on them ...that's a great start :) i really love toile fabric at the moment xxx

  4. A great pick up on ebay. I don't know enough about upholstery to advise... check with Ange at Chair up. I love all of the other images though. Good luck with it and make sure you post the finished chair. I am sure it will look gorgeous.

  5. Great find Kym! I think you should give it a go yourself, with all the wonderful help and advice you can get from all you blog friends I am sure you could do it, or if you are hesitant I think Kristine's advice about the slip cover is a great way to go. Can't wait to see what you decide. xx

  6. Hi Kym! So glad you stopped by!
    I am loving your chair and I honestly think you should try it yourself. Given the fact that it was a good deal, you could try on your own then call the professionals if it just isn't working out.
    Best of luck!

  7. Hi Kym. I love the chair- what an incredible bargain. If you have any basic sewing skills I say give it a whirl. Gorgeous pictures:)

  8. I would try before, as there is no harm in trying and you just never know, you mught just find a new talent you didn't know you had.....
    Having worked in the upholstery industry, you would probably find it would cost you roughly $500-$800 to re-upholster depending on the fabric you choose...these days some times reupholstering can cost as much as making new...your fabics would be as low as $18 per sqm right up to $200 per sqm.....
    You have to let us know what you decide...

  9. I've never upholstered anything that large but I'm sure there'll be a tutorial in bloggy world somewhere Kym! I really like the one where there is a different fabric on the back. Good luck!

  10. What agreat find, at that price its a good time to test your skills, visit Ange at chair up, she is the grand master at this stuff. Cant wait to see what you do!!!

  11. Love the chair Kym. There are tutorials on youtube etc. Its about doing one piece at a time. Starting on one side, tracing fabric pattern, covering, then onto the other. Im no expert, but why not have a go. As Jenny said, Ange at Chair Up might know - she has a great blog, very creative and talented. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I splurged on my chair, but have never had a new piece of furniture of my own. Still justifying it...Look forward to the finished look. Have a lovely weekend.
    Rebecca x

  12. I think you should have a go yourself, I have done one and they are not as hard as you think, I good part of it is done with a staple gun, but buy a good one if you don't already have one.
    Problems will arise if the structure cushioning needs replacing on the old ones, but upolstry supplier should have what you need.
    The foam from Clark rubber is good and if you take a template they will cut it out for you. Wrap the cushion in 2 layers of wadding before putting the cover on to eliminate that flat square look. Makes it softer to sit on too.
    Good luck

  13. Kym, what a great find! At $30 I would have a go at doing it myself, altho' in saying that I have had a chair that needs recovering for some time now that I only paid $10 for and haven't tackled it yet. Anyway, if you do make a mistake then you could call in the experts ... right?! Good luck - can't wait to see the finished product, maybe I'll learn something! Have a great weekend. Michelle

  14. Hi Kym,
    I would suggest you make a loose cover rather than try to re-upholster. Maybe do a cover made from a combination of several prints which means you don't have to worry about matching patterns.
    First you need to make templates from calico or similar. You do this by pinning pieces of calico over each section ie, inside back, outside back, inside wing etc. Mark the seam lines on the pieces and then cut to shape allowing 1.5cm seams. Pin pieces together (you only need to do 1 wing and 1 arm) and try on chair. If this looks ok, stitch the pieces together and try again. At this point you will be able to see where you need to allow extra fabric for tucking in (usually inside wing, lower back and arms under seat cushion). Mark and make any adjustments before you cut out your good fabric.
    Remember to put piping into all seams (except those which are being tucked in) as not only does this look more professional but gives the seams more definition.
    Covering a wing chair was going to be one of the decorating projects I had intended for my blog but, as you know, my blog isn't quite what it was going to be so I'm happy to bump along with you as you tackle your chair. That way I will get to see the finished product without doing any of the work!
    I'm happy to help ant time.
    Pamela xx

  15. Have you found a fabric or fabrics yet Kym? I'm keen to get started.
    Pamela xx


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