Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am still working on the re do of my living room...and as mentioned in an earlier post

I am having difficulty deciding on the type of lighting.

The inspiration for the room came from these pictures.

image from here

So which type of lighting would suit this style best??

Lamps from Early Settler

I will need a floor lamp and a table lamp.... should they match or is it OK for them to be different ?????

Any advice appreciated....

Thanks and have a lovely week



  1. I love the first lamp and I think depending on the placement there is no need for them to match but simply compliment in style.
    Great timing, I am also on the lookout for a bedside lamp. Great range of pics.

  2. Hi Kym, I would tend to agree on the comment of the lamps complimenting in style. Maybe you could look for the one piece first (perhaps the floor lamp); the one that you will spend the most on. Make it something that you really really love. Then once it is in the room it would be easier to find something that will compliment it. I think that is how i would go about it! Lovely images also!
    Hope you had a great birthday! Laura c xxx

  3. It's always exciting to be looking for new things. I agree with Laura, buy one first and then go from there. Certainly mix them up.
    I'm not keen on the gold standard which looks a bit ho hum, but I love the black lamp with the crackled mirror base. Yummy!
    Pamela xx

  4. I don't worry about matching but I do like everything to sort of blend seamlesly together and I fiddle with shades a lot and tend to swap around between lamps for "new" looks! I love the floor lamp with the white shade but also the table lamp with the clear glass base - I'm looking for one of those at the moment actually! Have a great day, x

  5. How fun Kym! I love all of your inspiration pics and I agree with everyone above, I think two different styles that complement each other provide more character. I'm looking forward to seeing your room when it's done. xx

  6. Wow so many options, great set of pictures, I really like your style. I too have been looking for a new light for our bedroom we already have lamps with a black base and white shade, simple but effective. Anyway I like the first one the most, black and silver are a great combination and would go well with this 'look'. G

  7. Decisions, decisions, They all look amazing. Good luck.
    Donna xx

  8. Again, gorgeous images. Are these from Tumblr too? I need to check that site out if they are!

    I'd definitely go for not matchy-matchy but complementing lamps. Looking forward to seeing what you do!



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