Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Functional Burlap !!!

I was searching for some inspirational ways to use some burlap when I came across an amazing task that was presented to the designers of the latest Project Runway series.

Their task.....to make an outfit from Burlap.....

Hmmmm........ now the only memory I have about burlap and clothing was when my mother created what would now be considered  a politically incorrect outfit for me for the school play.

It was made out of a sack and I can still  remember how incredibly ITCHY it was.
Wearing it was a painful experience...

So I am amazed that these models seem to be quite composed when  modeling these creations.....

 As talented as these designers are.....

 I think I prefer my burlap .....


and here
and here
oh sigh

Yes.... that ITCHINESS is not easily forgotten


  1. Yes, I don't think clothes are the go but I love the cushions and that table runner not sure about the chairs either... ;-)

  2. Itchy was just what I was thinking before I scrolled down... I REALLY like it better on the pillows! Cute post!

  3. new follower of yours - referred to you by Ancient Cloth. I love the heart of burlap - looking for a project to complete with a small amount I found. Nice blog - I will visit you often!


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