Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gorgeous rugs and the great rug chase

I am really loving all the gorgeous rug choices at the moment. I've always been a bit of a rug girl...but have usually chosen more traditinal type floor rugs.

But I find I am being drawn to these beautiful patterns and textures...

Love this gorgeous dining room!  Look at the rug underneath the table and chairs!
All about the RUG!

Dining room
dining room with tolix chairs  vintage wooden table
small chevron rug under rustic dining table
love the glass top on the dining room table
So after yearning for one to put under my dining table I happened to be shopping in KMart for a few bits and bobs when voila.... there it was. I must say I blinked a few time as I didn't quite believe what I was seeing. Although not the rug of my dreams.... it would do for now!
And the price.... well at $29.99 an absolute bargain.
They only had two in stock and as I wasn't sure of the size I needed so  I left them, went home ready to measure and return the next day...
Perfect size for our little dining spot so back I went empty shelf.....both were GONE.
Not to be out done, off I went and drove another 40 minutes to find the next nearest store and YES they were there...
So here it is...

and I am loving it.....
Have you ever chased down a bargain???


  1. Looks great-love a good bargin-I've been known to drive all over town in search of on!

    1. Thanks Nola... I appreciate your comments:)


I love to read your comments.. thanks for taking the time...I appreciate each and every one :)


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