Monday, July 8, 2013

Music Wreath

Wow, it has been a little while.....I hope everyone is well.

A lot has been happening at I'm hoping to share a few pics soon.

This past weekend has been a cold and wet one in my part of the world so I started a little project

that I have wanted to do for ages.

It was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed and her fabulous book

So I collected my sheet music stash and started to roll and glue...... a little tricky to begin with but it became easier once I got the hang of it!
And voila.....

Not as good as Miss Mustard Seed's wreath but I'm happy......
Here is a sneak peek at a few changes at Kyandra...
The old girl....

and a few collections....

Have a wonderful week


  1. I've seen these before, but yours is extra pretty!

  2. Looks fabulous-I would love to give it a go!

  3. Gorgeous vintage styling. ;-)

  4. Hi Kym
    So glad to see your post. Love the wreath looks great. Looking forward to seeing the changes
    Kind Regards


I love to read your comments.. thanks for taking the time...I appreciate each and every one :)


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