Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cushion Love

Cushions always have such a big impact on a room. They can change the look in an instant.

I don't often purchase cushions as they are so easy to make.
I am a cushionaholic....and tend to make them all the time.
but nowI find myself in a dilemma.
I have fallen in love with cushions that have script. I have searched everywhere for fabric but to no avail so had to purchase some!!!!
That was difficult as I hate to buy things I know I can make myself.
No they were worth it.. I adore them.
Does anyone know where I could buy this fabric or is it easy to print??
I have become just a little bit obsessed by writing/script/print.....maybe it's something to do with my job???

I'm so proud of myself..look I've actually put a collage together.
Some snippets of script from my home.
Yes ...  there is hope.....I think I may actually get this bloggy thing right....eventually.....

Kym :)

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  1. Sorry cant help you on this one , maybe you could email Ness at marley & lockyer. Love your framed key , I have a little project waiting to be done like this. With all the house renovations going on & on , I have a back log of small projects waiting to be done.

  2. Beautiful cushions, I wish I could find some in Oz. I'm obviously not looking in the right places.. By the way, I love your garden, it's amazing - and your house! I only wish I had a garden like that for my girls..Rxx

  3. Hi Kym:) Just wanted to pop on over and thank you for your lovely comment today! I am so happy to have found your gorgeous new blog:) I love these pics of cushions and am very much like you in that I know I can make things myself...If you want to print onto fabric directly through a printer you can iron freezer paper to the back of an A4 size piece of fabric and then hand feed it through your printer. It works really well but limits the size to A4. If you want any more details, please email me anytime:) I am your newest follower! Wishing you a wonderful week Kym ~ Tina x

  4. Your images are so gorgeous Kym. I love the cushions and I just read Tina's comment so I am thinking I may have to try that. Your photo collage is lovely. I love the decal above the bed and your house looks beautiful. I am really looking forward to seeing more! xx

  5. Welcome to blogland. I am relatively new too. I see by the comments you have already met some of the lovely kind blog people. I hate to buy cushions too, they are so easy to sew. I would love to know if you end up making some with the script. I love those last ones.

  6. Hi Kym. I was going to recommend the freezer paper printing method too. I haven't tried it yet myself though it's on my list of things to day.


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