Saturday, May 29, 2010


A week ago the gorgeous Nellie at McCarthy Designs was kind enough to award me the
 Versatile Blogger Award.

Nellie would have to be one of the most kind considerate bloggers you could meet in blogland. She is kind enough to welcome new bloggers and help them become established. She also finds time to come back and leave beautiful comments. If you haven't been over to visit Nellie you should, as she is also having a giveaway to celebrate her 1 year anniversary in blogland.
 Congratulations Nellie:)

Now apparently I have to write seven things about me..
since I did this a short time ago with the 101 award, I won't write another seven now.
The second task is to pass it on to 15 others but like Nellie I am going to bend that rule and award it to these gorgeous bloggers.

Kristine at The Painted Hive

Ange at Chair Up

Dore at Burlap Luxe

Thank you and please visit these fantastic ladies and their inspiring blogs
and don't forget to enter Nellie's giveaway
Have a great weekend

Kym X


  1. Burlap Luxe said...
    Thank-You Kym!
    You are such a Doll Baby!
    Thank you for the AWARD so thrilled I will post it in a bit :)

    Now About the cloches (Dome Glass Bells) on you prior post... when you find those seeds to grow your own, can you send me some ? PRETTY PLEASE !!!
    your blogger friend,

    PS. I will check out the listed award winners and I have ADDED you to my BLOG ROLL of INSPIRATION :)

  2. Thanks so much for this award Kym:o)
    I hope you're having a lovely weekend and finding time to be creative.

  3. Yay, Congratulations to you Kim & Thank You so much for passing me my FIRST award, I am extremely excited...Yipee. I agree, Nellie is a beautiful blog friend & has taken the time to welcome me to blog land as well. Her give away for her 1st anniversary is amazing!!!
    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  4. Hi Kym,
    Thanks so much for this wonderful award. I mean it when I say it is encouraging to receive such an award it really does give me confidence to keep blogging. Again thankyou the award is very much appreciated.
    Donna xx

  5. Congratulations and well done Kym.

  6. Congratulations Kym!!! this award is so deserved!!! your blog is so beautiful and every day it's better and better!!!
    A big hug to you, sweetie!

  7. Hi Kym. So sorry I haven't commented yet - just returned home from a few days away. Thank you sooo much for the award. I am thrilled to be mentioned amidst those fab ladies.

  8. Congratulations on your wonderful award Kym:) Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx


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