Sunday, November 7, 2010

How full is your bucket ?

A couple of months ago I attended a conference whereby an educationalist from the States spoke about the theory of the dipper and the bucket.

She explained to us that we each have an invisible bucket that is either filled or emptied depending upon what is happening to us within our everyday lives.

 She also spoke of how our behaviour towards ourselves and others can effect whether our buckets are full or empty.

 An empty bucket will  sap our energy and undermine our will, whereas a full bucket will make us more positive and optimistic.

So we can dip from someones bucket or we can choose to fill it.....our choices are important......not only does it effect our own outlook, but theirs as well.....

someone that does need some help refilling her bucket today is the gorgeous A-M from The House That A-M Built.......

I'm sure she would appreciate it.....

You can find out more about the bucket and the dipper here


  1. I have been to a similar workshop about the bucket and the dipper. It must be a teaching thing. I have sent my love to A-M. Hope she will be OK and back soon.

  2. I often think about the bucket theory but mine is a little different. I see my bucket as a holder for my stress. If I have one stress, the bucket holds it well and I'm ok, the more stress that goes into the bucket makes it hard to contain. Then sometimes it only takes a little stres for me to feel overwhelmed - it's just that my bucket is full!
    I think poor A-M's 'stress bucket' is overflowing at the moment but all this love from blogland is hopefully helping her feel a bit better.


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