Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well today I'm procrastinating a little...taking a sneak peek at your lovely blogs..when I really should be knuckling down and typing some reports....sigh.....

So instead of doing what I should be.. I went in search of some images in my files of old typewriters.....I doooo looooove old typewriters and have one sitting in my study.

Purchased from a trash and treasure market a number of years ago...I thought my girls were going to die of embarrassment when I lugged the said typewriter to  the car ( it was pretty heavy)...and Mr K was not with us on that occasion.

So I am thinking of banishing it from the study and bringing it out into the open.......

I am old enough to remember when typing was a subject at school....cough...cough.....

It was very important to improve that speed..... "now, how many words per minute??????"

However I must say that all these years later... those typing lessons  have not helped improve my speed

or the fact that I only type using a few fingers......

Perhaps this would have helped....

I am loving the use of typewriter keys in decorating

and jewellery

 But....somehow I think this will need to be my motto by the end of the weekend....

O.K no more procrastinating.....back to it ....

but not before I have some....

Have a lovely weekend


  1. Great the typewriters!!

  2. Oh Kym, I am with you all the way - anything to get out of typing reports. Trouble is peeking at blogs can take a looooong time, especially as there is always just that next post to check out!!

    Have a lovely and very productive weekend.
    Pam x

  3. Hi Kym, I remember when typing was a subject and I am forever grateful. I can touch type and am reasonably fast. People laugh when they talk to me whilst I am still typing and I can look them in the eye whilst my fingers are still tapping away - without error! lol... It frustrates me when I see kids especially tapping away with one finger.. I think they should bring the subject back now more than ever as there is so much keyboard use these days. Hope you are not working too hard on those reports.. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ;-)

  4. Yes, I too can remember when typing was a subject. I enjoyed your photos, and yes I should be doing other things too. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Wonderful images Kym! I never learnt to type & I regret it immensely.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Cool post, Kym! I was given an electric typewriter for my 16th birthday and thought I was so clever. Gee, the pixies would laugh if they could see it now! J x

  7. What a great idea, using the typewriter keys for decorating. I love using letters / typography in my decorating and have a number of letters around the house. G

  8. Some gorgeous images Kym. I say bring it out! What a fun and quirky piece to add to your decor.

  9. Love the old typewriters, my only issue is they don't have spell check so I would be in trouble.
    I love the print on the wall in the second picture. Am waiting, and waiting for a fabric sample from Laura Ashleigh in duck egg blue with a bird and branch patter, this might be a nice use for it :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. One thing I'm definitely not missing about teaching are the end of year reports!! I love the idea of a typewriter on display with a quote or poem typed on a piece of paper as a display of sorts.

  11. Love the pictures in this post, just gorgeous! I had a typewriter when I was 11 years old and I loved it!

  12. Hi Kym,
    What an interesting post. I especially love the little nook by the staircase. One can never have too many nooks.
    Pamela xx

  13. Yes, please bring your typewriter out into the open and share it with us when you do! Don't worry I too remember learning to type at school on a typewriter. My oldest daughter (4) has a little fascination with them and always wants to look at them when we see one in an antique store. Michelle

  14. Gorgeous pics Kym. I love anything to do with vintage typewriters, and like some of the other commenters...remember learning to type as a subject in High School :S Hope you managed to get through your reports...seems like there is a consensus amongst teachers that report writing is not one of the positive aspects of the profession! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday ~ Tina xx

  15. Great post as I love old typewriters too. Check out my latest find on my blog, nearly fell over myself to grab it!
    ps. I learnt how to type whilst living in Darwin and thought it was a good idea for something to do whilst unemployed. Glad I did!!

  16. I recently had to explain to my 10 yr old just what a typeriter was! Oh they were the days though, I loved my grandmother's typewriter, you've inspired me to get it out actually! Cheers x


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