Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blackboard wall

Youngest teenager has decided she needs to update her bedroom.
She approached Moi with a PLAN...it was a roughly sketched drawing....

Teenager : " I want to paint my room white".

Moi :  "OK that sounds good...."

Teenager : ".....and I think I should have this wall painted like a blackboard...with some city pictures..and I could write on it and...."

Moi : " Oh maybe some dark paint would be nice"

Teenager: " But I want to write on it"

Moi : " Hmmmmmm"

She is wanting some art work like this

Ok..I'm up for her wonderful inspiration...very impressed actually.......

Does anyone have any thoughts on blackboard paint on a whole wall.....I guess I am a lot little worried about painting over it when teenager changes her mind again... ...

What do you think????????


  1. I think it is far better than peeling off posters so I say go for it! The only thing though is to try and get some dustless chalk because I have found it too be a bit messy under out blackboards.
    Sounds like fun though. I like her taste.

  2. Love her style, My eldest would also like a black wall & i share your fear of "How to get rid of it later". Good luck with your choices!!

  3. shes got good taste.. my friend Bonnie did her dinning room blackboard paint.. its looks great


  4. We did use blackboard paint and painted a border over it with wallpaint at the edges. There were no problems having blackboard paint under the wall paint. So painting over it later shouldn't be a problem for you.

    However, I have to say that it looked a bit messy. If you use chalk on it, it can be hard to get the chalk off, so it never looked all that clean.

    I think it is a cool idea, but I'd try to encourage a smaller patch, rather than a whole wall. Hope that helps! XOL

  5. I think this is a fab idea!!! I love that third photo!! I hope she does it and then i would love to see it!!

  6. I think it's great. And a blackboard wall could be covered up with a few coats of primer when she tires of it! What a fun thing - I wish they had had blackboard paint when I was a kid!

    Go for it!

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and have joined as a follower. I love your style! Re the blackboard paint - my experience is that it looks great initially but after a while tends to look a bit grubby. My kids love it though so I'm not sure what the answer is? x Sharon

  8. I asked my mom if I could paint my room purple. She gave me a flat out no.



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