Sunday, July 24, 2011

Papering the wall

As a fan of The Block I was excited to see that the gorgeous
 Katrina and Amie 
are going to use wallpaper in their main bedroom which will be revealed tonight.

It led me to thinking about my first decorating experience which, as a teenager, was choosing some wallpaper for a feature wall in my bedroom.

This was during the seventies.
 How exciting it was as my 'big' sister (some 7 years older than me) and I were trusted to go and choose the paper on our own!

We came back with something very similar to this....

although the colour was a much deeper turquoise.....

Yes we certainly had a great eye for design.....well we thought so!

It was approved by the lady of the house and poor old dad had to hang it!

That was how it was  done then.

Since having my own home I have hung a number of different wallpapers during the 80's & 90's and actually enjoy the experience....

Here are a few of my favourite recent finds

My how my taste has changed....

Wishing Katrina and Amie all the luck in the world..I know their rooms will look sensational..

Enjoy your week dear friends


  1. Oh, the second and the last photos are my favourites, Kym. The organiser in me is so attracted to the last one! J x

  2. You certainly have changed in taste!! Wallpaper is such a great feature in the right room, isn't it? xx

  3. Wallpaper is gorgeous and I wish I had more guts to use it in our home! Your choices are so lovely.

    Best wishes and happy week,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

  4. I think wallpaper looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos.

  5. Hi! I know you posed this entry a long time ago, but do you happen to know where I can purchase the wallpaper in the following image you posted?:

    I think it's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for your time. :)


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