Sunday, June 17, 2012

Which direction ????

Hello lovely has been so long since my last post....I won't make excuses, but hope that some of you have stayed around.

 Yesterday the weather was not too bad in my part of the world considering we are in the beginning of what is one to do on a Saturday afternoon but offer to take youngest girl driving....she needs to get her hours up before being able to go for her licence.

Hmmm...where shall we head to???? I know about  The Vintage Shed .... No, there was no ulterior motive and yes, a  few gorgeous little goodies were purchased... I'll share at a later date.

Which leads me to a dilemma I've been having while trying to put together  a look for our living/family room area.... I have mentioned previously on this blog the love I have for a bit of industrial, and the difficulty I have had in trying to choose light fittings. Who would have guessed that choosing light fittings would be so hard.

 I have put together some mood board pics of the style I have been leaning toward

Tolix stool  for the kitchen bench that adjoins this room......
Dulux Hog Bristle paint.... couch from Early carpet that is actually much nicer than the sample..... lamp and TV cabinet ...we already have!!!

So as for the light fitting ????...... I'm drawn to gorgeous industrial types like these

Pinned Image

and these

Pinned Image

but am worried that they will date quickly.... so I am thinking maybe a simple chandelier???

Pinned Image

Or perhaps a black one...

Pinned Image

I know you lovely peeps will have some wonderful ideas...please share any suggestions.

Thanks for visiting and hope to pop in and see you soon.

Enjoy your Sunday.



  1. I love all your ideas! That sofa is exactly what the sort of thing I've been looking for too. I'm sure that what every you choose it will look stunning!

    Best wishes,

  2. All of your pieces, along with your inspiration images are just beautiful. I love those industrial lights, I was admiring the green ones on The Block tv show this week (was sad that they're respraying them black though) but they have more a kitcheny feel, don't they. You can never go wrong with a chandelier though :)

  3. I don't think those pieces will date quickly - they are a classic style from long ago and it's just they're enjoying an even great resurgence recently. So go with what you love! Loving where you're heading with your moodboard too xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  4. Love your style and the direction you are heading in...I love the industrial pendants too!
    Thanks for reminding me I need to make a visit to The Vintage Shed...
    x Kerry

  5. Thank you lovely ladies for your gorgeous comments....for some reason my reply icons aren't working??? Does anyone have any idea why ??? or is anyone having the same problem ???

  6. I love those industrial style lights! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop…I am now following and would love if you would come say hello :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  7. oh i love the last picture! so airy and fresh. found you via the link up xo


I love to read your comments.. thanks for taking the time...I appreciate each and every one :)


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