Monday, June 15, 2015

Transforming a mess into a workspace

I'm finally feeling that the house is getting into a state that I am comfortable living with.
All of the old traditional  rustic country style is finally gone.

The study area was the last frontier that needed to be converted.

It had been living a double life- that of a study area and that of a dumping ground, for everything that needed to hidden away.
Yep, close the door and it doesn't exist any,more!

I was sick of closing the finally tackled the last bastion!

No easy feat considering it was painted half way up the walls with Suede effects paint.
Actually it was a lot easier to get rid of than I expected due to Dulux's  acrylic sealer undercoat ultra smooth (no not a sponsored post). We just sanded lightly then gave it one coat of the undercoat and voila! Ready to paint.

So now it looks like this:

where as before it looked like:


Favorite paint color- Dulux Hogs Bristle;


So now it is a bit of a man cave !

Some components of this room are:
Lamp- Freedom stores
Shelving- picked up on sale from Early Settler
Desk- Royce and Royce rustic country decor-Geelong
Lockers- purchased from Ebay and painted with chalk paint
Book boxes- IKEA
Collections: baskets, knick knacks-Ebay and Tyabb Vintage Shed
Clock & Ambersand- Typo
Footy jumper- gift

Still a little bit of tweaking but almost there. 



  1. What a great revamp! Looks so much better. Love the bookcase! And all your styling 'bits'.

    1. Thanks, I certainly like it better too despite it being the man cave :)

  2. Love seeing all the changes, I have gone from country to hamptons. It has taken many years but so much fun, it's so lovely when you love coming home to a beautiful home you created yourself!


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